Beige Lima Earrings - Enamel

$72.00 USD
Beige Lima Earrings - Enamel

Make your own favorite colors of Oval Earrings
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Matter Matters Enamel Jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. We are thoughtful, and slow-paced, something that resists trends, and will prove to be an enduring piece for a long time to come. This Earrings in enamel and gold-plated Stainless Steel. It is a jewellery piece that sure to be a treasure for either you or a loved one.

•Earring Body :
Gold Plated Stain Stainless steel + Embossed Logo
•Ear post / Pins :
925 Sterling Silver earring pins with Embossed 925
• Approx. 3cm length.
• Nichel free

With Matter Matters Gallery Jewellery box and care card